Associazioni Amiche

Voluntary Association founded through the efforts of parents who attend R.Hollman Foundation in order to support the Foundation in carrying out its activities by collecting dues and organizing events and initiatives for fundraising, donations and other funding.

Voluntary association founded in 2011 that particularly supports the activities in the pool of the Robert Hollman Foundation.


Voluntary Association Doctor Clown VCO Fund - Volunteers entertain the little guests of the Robert Hollman Foundation and their families once a week during the rehabilitation stays.

Cycling Group Galta Vigonovo


Amateur association that organizes fundraising events.

Main Collaborators

Ophthalmology Clinic, Hospital of Padua,2562



Pediatric clinic, Hospital of Padua,3042



University of Padua

Degree programs in Psychology, Faculty of Education, Orthoptics and Assistance in Ophthalmology, Neuro therapy and developmental psychomotor



Pediatric Ophthalmology, Niguarda Hospital, Milan



Typhlo-didactic Consulting Regional Center (Veneto)



Pediatric Neurophthalmology Neurological Institute IRCCS C. Mondino, Pavia



Centro ART srl, Genova - Rehabilitation, Training, Research



Association Amaurosi Congenita di Leber I.A.L.C.A.



International Association TYPHLO & TACTUS for childhood tactile Publishing

(tactile books)



Fondation Frederic GaillanneMira Europe, France - for training and distribution of Guide Dogs for the Blind teenagers


Our History

Administration Council




Friends Associations

Main collaborators


Conferences and Courses







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