End-of-year party

An afternoon together with the operators to say goodbye to children and families, bid farewell to outgoing 14-year-olds and celebrate the first ten years of the Parents Association Fiori Blu.

On June 11th, in the big, shaded park of the Robert Hollman Foundation in Padua, an end-of-year party was held to bid farewell to all the children and families who have followed the Center’s individualized and therapeutic pathways over the past year.

Hundreds of people spent a festive afternoon together with the operators and professionals, enlivened by a snack under the porch, ice cream under the trees, with numerous fun activities and workshops: old-fashioned games, “special makeup” by an expert entertainer, a tactile map workshop curated by Unione italiana ciechi (Italian Union of the Blind), special bicycles to try out and a demonstration, with a real dairyman, of how butter is made.

All of this was done to allow everyone to say goodbye to each other until they meet again next September, when the summer holidays end and the therapeutic activities restart. It was also an opportunity to say goodbye to the 14-year-olds who are now ready to start a new adventure in society after the years spent with the foundation. The boys and girls were given a diploma and a T-shirt with a message saying “I see the difference … I put my heart into it”,

which resonates as both a wish and a challenge. The occasion also marked the first ten years of activity of the Fiori Blu Association, which was established in 2012 by a group of parents attending the Robert Hollman Foundation with their children in order to support the center’s clinical, educational, cultural and scientific activities.

In these first ten years, more than three hundred thousand euros have been donated to the Foundation to support its two centers. The money has been used for the purchase of specialized equipment, the ongoing training of operators, the full performance of therapeutic activities, the management and maintenance of the swimming pool at the Padua Center and much more.