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The Foundation is committed to implementing projects and events that promote inclusion and shared experiences among families with visually-impaired children.

The “treasure tree” inclusive municipal park project receives the sipes 2022 “best practices: a workshop of inclusive experiences and practices” award

On September 30th, as part of the “Inclusion in Action” conference sponsored and organized by SIPeS (Italian Society of Special Pedagogy) at the University of Salerno, the Inclusive Municipal Park of Padua project was awarded the SIPeS 2022 “Best Practices: a workshop of inclusive experiences and practices” award.

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The “Treasure Tree” inclusive municipal park project.

On the outskirts of the city of Padua, in an area surrounded by more than 5,000 square meters of greenery and next to the urban park Basso Isonzo (which is still a work in progress), the works for the Treasure Tree are about to be completed, making it the first park in the City of Padua to be inclusive, sensory-friendly and totally accessible to children, young people, adults and the elderly, with and without disabilities.

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