The Padua Center offers diagnostic-functional counseling and intake pathways for children aged 0 to 14 years.

During the counseling, an attempt is made to respond to parents’ requests by deep-diving into diagnostics and insights about the “world of low vision and blindness.”

At the end of counseling, an outpatient intake can be activated , which includes a personalized proposal with individual or group educational, rehabilitative and playful-expressive interventions.

Health authorization to operate as a center and garrison for functional rehabilitation of individuals with physical, mental and sensory disabilities classified BC/4 (Veneto Region Executive Decree No. 107 of 05/14/2020)

Cannero Riviera

The Cannero Riviera Center offers counseling and intakes with residential stays for children aged 0 to 4 years.

Each project is “customized” for each individual household with the opportunity to share the experience with other families.
In addition, the staff carry out functional examinations and monitor the child’s development on observation/assessment days.

We provide children who live in this area with outpatient interventions and treatments aimed at integrating rehabilitation activities at local facilities.

Watch the video on residency in Cannero

Health authorization to operate as a private treatment institute for early rehabilitation of children with visual impairment and added disabilities (G.R.D. 38-44165, March 27, 1995)

Service charter