The Padua Center’s end-of-year party returns on Saturday, June 8.

The forgotten games, the wooden ones that grandparents used, the giant soap bubble wrapping and child makeup, the vegetable garden market generously donated by the Marcon farm, but also the dogs from the Triveneta Guide Dog School, some small animals from the Lilliput farm, baseball demonstrations for the blind…

These are just a few of the offerings at the now traditional end-of-year party of the Robert Hollman Foundation’s Padua Center, which, at the conclusion of its annual activities, dedicates a special event for children, youth, their families and all friends who wish to be present.

The appointment is for Saturday, June 8 park from 3:30 p.m., when the doors of Via Siena 1 in Padua will open to welcome everyone to the large park that will host stands of various realities, workshops, games, entertainment for young and old…

There will be no shortage of snacks on the spacious porch, which as always will be provided by the Blue Flower Association Friends of the Robert Hollman Foundation.

In addition to the activities already described, the rich program has in store the cheese workshop and ice cream for sale by the Turato farm; the dog Larry with his suitcase, mane to explore with fingers and lavender to smell by the Va Oltre Estate; the “Museum in a Suitcase” by the University of Padua’s Museum of Education; booths by the Fiori Blu association and Irifor; the presence of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Padua; and inclusive baseball demonstrations for the blind by Rovigo baseball &softball.

At 6 p.m., 14-year-olds will be greeted as they conclude their journey in FRH and will be given T-shirts as a sign of the bond of affection that will always unite them to the Hollman “House.” Finally, kids from the groups will sing and play music to fill the party even more with joy and cheer.