“Citrus fruits in all senses,” the multisensory workshop curated by the Cannero Riviera Center at Villa Laura for “Cannero Riviera’s citrus fruits”

Once again this year, the Robert Hollman Foundation confirms its participation in “The Citrus of Cannero Riviera,” a now traditional event on the shores of Lake Maggiore now in its 17th edition, which attracts thousands of visitors including tourists, enthusiasts, families and others from the surrounding area.

The event is also increasingly taking on a style of inclusion and sensitivity to the issue of disability through its proposals and initiatives, including in collaboration with the Robert Hollman Foundation.

In addition to the visits in Lis (International Sign Language) organized for the festival at Citrus Park (from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 10 and 17) and curated by operators of the Upper Verbano Museum Network, On the two weekends (March 9-10 and 16-17) FRH Center workers will offer the free multisensory workshop “Citrus fruits in all senses” from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m..

The experience, carried out in collaboration with the Alto Verbano Museum Network and the Municipality of Cannero Riviera, will be all to experience for young and old alike, to try with the help of the senses to recognize different types of fruits through scents, textures, flavors, colors…

At the four stations set up in the outdoor spaces of Villa Laura, home of the Ethnographic Museum, people will be able to play with the fruits to discover their characteristics. By just sticking your hands inside some boxes touching, rubbing, stroking peels and leaves, the challenge will be to guess whether an orange or bergamot is hiding inside, rather than a tangerine or a “Judas Hand” cedar… Only by sense of smell will participants then have to identify to which type of fruit some of the essences smelled belong.

Each discovery will be enhanced by a card where some information written in black (high-contrast font) and Braille will be given. In addition, a panel will depict an illustrated drawing of a “facilitation” by which visually impaired and blind children being cared for by the Robert Hollman Foundation get a sense-based approach to the knowledge of scents and essences in general.

On the occasion of the workshops, the Blue Flowers Association Friends of the Robert Hollman Foundation will set up at Villa Laura a spot with sweet offerings from its Easter fundraising campaign, which this year supports the “Pages for All” project to set up a Library of tactile picture books in the two Centers in Cannero and Padua to be made available to children and their families.

For a minimum donation of 7 euros in return you will receive a 300 gram milk or dark egg or a bag of milk and cereal eggs. Also on Canner days, the Foundation will decorate the bitter orange tree placed in the flowerbed at the entrance to its headquarters at No. 6 Via Oddone Clerici. The plant was planted two years ago, in September 2022, by President Claire de Pont, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Robert Hollman’s passing and reaffirming the Foundation’s deep connection with the City of Cannero Riviera.