Robert Hollman remembrance celebration and a new start for the foundation on september 17th

Fifty years after Robert Hollman’s passing, the Foundation finds itself more united and determined to pursue its important mission to help children with visual impairment and their families.

It was a real celebration in memory of Robert Hollman that took place on September 17th in Cannero, with the participation of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, former board members, all the operators of the two Centers in Cannero and Padua, and those who have had important roles in the creation and development of the project over the past decades.

The ceremony began in the afternoon on the forecourt in front of the entrance with introductory greetings by President Claire de Pont and Director General Maria Eleonora Reffo, and was followed by an authentic and affectionate remembrance of Robert Hollman by Ilona de Pont, who had a special bond with Mr. and Mrs. Hollman since their childhood.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the largely renovated facility, which is now open for family stays following a two-year suspension caused by the pandemic, President de Pont gave a speech in the new multi-purpose room on the second floor overlooking the lake, where she emphasized how the anniversary was an opportunity to reflect on the Foundation’s identity.

The goal was to achieve more clarity, awareness and sharing of the main institutional mission of the Foundation.

This long and demanding work, which involved everyone from the Board of Directors to the operators, resulted in the creation of two documents: a manifesto written by the staff of the two Centers in which their attitude, focus and commitments are explained, and a general one that is addressed to families and all the bodies the Foundation deals with on a daily basis.

One further outcome was that the website was reorganized so that the homepage now features an introductory documentary about the “world” of the Robert Hollman Foundation. The renovation of Cannero is a further example of the effort that has been made.

The celebration then continued with a tour of the renovated center, a boat ride and a toast in front of the former Hollmans’ home on Lake Maggiore; the day ended with dinner at the Park Hotel Italia.