From March 1 training course dedicated orthoptists

Orthoptic aspects in counseling and taking care of the child with visual impairment. The perspective of the Robert Hollman Foundation” is the title of the new training proposal dedicated to Ophthalmology assistant orthoptists and carried out by FRH, with the collaboration of Briefing Studio and under the patronage of the National Federation of TSRM and PSTRP (Medical Radiology Health Technicians and Technical, Rehabilitation and Prevention Health Professions) orders.

The course, which starts on Friday, March 1, through May 27, consists of four sessions of 24 hours of online training and one of 5 hours of in-person experiential training in the two locations of Padua and Cannero Riviera (Vb) based on participants’ preference.

A multidisciplinary overview will open the proceedings to explain the comprehensive approach on which all the clinical work of the Robert Hollman Foundation is based and then continue, in subsequent lectures, in the investigation of the individual professions involved in this interdisciplinary work with the child with visual impairment, his or her family, the professionals and their area of reference.

Finally, the concluding experiential day will be held in attendance in Padua and Cannero to have the participating orthoptists experience some simulated visual deprivation situations to better understand the importance and necessity of making and using environmental, temporal, and relational facilitation.

Registration is already open within the portal and will close on Feb. 25. The 41 CME credits will be awarded to healthcare professionals who attend at least 90 percent of the training time.

Download the general course presentation.
For information: Briefing studio, [email protected] or 050-981242.

Experiential training under the pilot project “SensoriAbile too” (January 19, 2024)